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  • If you have already been through the "physical therapy mill" and are ready for a real solution
  • If you want a unique, innovative and personal approach to your health problems
  • If you think you have tried everything

    Then you are ready for the Next Step using cutting edge techniques in Physical Therapy.


IMT-Integrative Manual Therapy* Advanced Spinal Disc Therapy
SI Joint Alignment through
soft tissue mobilization

Craniosacral Therapy
for neck and lower back disorders

Tendon Repair Therapy Strength & Flexibility Training
Advanced Myofascial Release    

*What is Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT)?

Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) is a powerful set of hands-on techniques that create profound structural changes in the treated area resulting in elimination of pain and discomfort. The techniques are gentle and pleasant. IMT is a totally non-invasive, medication free therapy that promotes your body’s incredible self healing capacity. This therapy has yielded dramatic results for people experiencing a wide variety of health issues.
IMT was developed by Sharon (Weiselfish) Giammatteo, PhD, PT, IMT-C over the past 30 years. She introduced her work in 1981 and it has remained the focus of clinical practice at Center IMT in Bloomfield, CT(www.centerimt.com).

Practicing IMT requires one therapist and one patient at a time to create the necessary healing.

Iris Downing, PT, has been practicing physical therapy since 1990 and was first introduced to IMT in 2007. The education she received at CenterIMT and her personal experience with the techniques have profoundly influenced her ability to care for her patients. She has been practicing IMT in her own private clinic for the past 10 years and going.